Ready to give a gift so good it causes a wildfire of word of mouth? 

Welcome to the HeySoul Custom Gift Design Service. It’s time to stand out and I’m here to help.

Let us do the work. We do the brainstorming, product sourcing, graphic design for all printed elements, gift assembly, and delivery.

We do it all so you can relax. 
Whether it’s for your clients, employees, community or a special event, let’s get started and create a gift experience unlike any other. Here's how it works:

The HeySoul Custom Gift Design Service Includes:
  • A private session complete with a brainstorm and strategy session dedicated to your gift experience.
  •  Product sourcing to ensure that every item is intentional, high-quality, meaningful and impactful. 
  •  Graphic design services including box design, packaging design, printed card design, etc.
  •  Careful nesting and packaging of entire gift box, sealed with magic and invisible hugs. 
  •  Local delivery or management of nation-wide shipping 
All of my services are holistic. They include my strategy, expertise, and abilities – not just for one aspect of your project, but for ALL aspects. 

It is imperative to fill out the below form immediately if you want to work with me to give your gift experience the priority it deserves. 

 I will help you create something incredible for your audience, but you need to be onboard for the full experience. I promise I will save you a ton of money and time that you might have spent on trying to do this yourself. I will spare you the agony of deciding what to include,  the shopping and sourcing, the packaging, the shipping, what order to do things in, and the headache of wrapping. 

I will treat your custom project as if it’s my own, and so that means – I will not work with just anyone.

I require a 15-minute call to help save you and I both the time to see if we are a good fit right off the bat. Because let me tell you, when we are – magic happens!

So, if you are ready to:
  • Give a customized gift experience that is unforgettable, without doing the all of the work that comes with it...
  • Create a natural extension of your brand and delight your customers with lasting impact...
  • Say goodbye to the typical company swag and trinkets and give an experience aligned with your event, retreat, and company values... let's get started! Schedule a free 15-minute call to see if we are a good fit!
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